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  • Customer Experiences Will Build or Destroy Your Business

    Customer Experiences Will Build or Destroy Your Business 

    Written By:  Dan Bates, President/CEO, Greater Hamilton Chamber

    Smart businesses understand and recognize the value of positive interaction.  Customers generate the revenue a business needs to thrive but the circles of influence those customers have can make or break the future of a business or organization. With today’s social media, disappointing service or a negative experience with an establishment can be devastating.  It really is pretty simple to focus on delivering positive experiences to customers that they will remember for a lifetime. It keeps them coming back. It also puts you in a much better position to salvage a relationship with a customer who has had many positive experiences with your business when something goes wrong and you do disappoint them.  The point is that none of us can get the job done alone. Competition isn’t just about price or quality or the uniqueness of the merchandise, it’s about how your customers remember the experience. 

    It's critically important that a business or organization is always thinking about the customer.  If it is not ingrained in the culture of the organization, it will not be the top-of-mind driving force that influences all decisions for the business. Think of these following tips before you dismiss a customer’s complaint, show indifference toward a customer’s concern or unload your personal opinions about the world around you to a guest in your establishment. By the way, that is the number one tip coming from the Disney School of thought, “treat every customer as if they were a guest in your home.”

    So here are other tips that if you get right, you will be a force that will draw customers

    1. Make every customer feel valued.
    2. Treat every customer as if they were a guest in your home-don’t ever make them feel uncomfortable.
    3. When your customer speaks, listen. Don’t ignore it…even if it’s on social media.
    4. Customers may not recognize or tout your successes, but will always remember failures-try hard to never disappoint. 
    5. When it comes to customer service, be adaptive to the person and the situation. 
    6. Set the expectation with your employees that the experience needs to always be positive and empower them to strive for perfections. 
    7. Create an environment for happy and respected employees-they will deliver happy customer experiences. 
    8. You have heard it before…you don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression. 
    9. Copy best practices – learn from the best. 
    10. Don’t dump negativity or your personal opinions.
    11. Every decision should be customer-centric. 
    12. Look for opportunities to create memorable magic.

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