• Alternate Funding Options

  • The Greater Hamilton Chamber of Commerce has partnered with several companies to provide additional funding resources to service our members and area businesses. These are alternative funding options to meet the changing needs of your business.  We may be able to help your business. 

    The Chamber has applications for all the loan programs on hand and will submit the application for your business.

    For more information contact: Dan Bates at 513-454-5066.

    The following are the funding sources currently available: 

    Shaundretta Boykins, Manager of Business Development and Entrepreneurship
    Office of the Minority Business Development Division

    Hamilton Economic Development Corporation Revolving Loan Fund Program
    The Hamilton Economic Development Corporation Revolving Loan Fund Program represents a joint effort by the Hamilton Economic Development Corporation (“HEDC”) and the City of Hamilton, to facilitate and stimulate economic development and growth within the City by providing 0% interest loans to small businesses located within the City.

    HEDC is a non-profit organization whose mission is advancing, encouraging and promoting general economic development and community welfare within the City. Program loans are available only to small businesses located within the corporate limits of the City of Hamilton This Program is intended to further that mission by offering financing to both existing and start-up small businesses within the City—including, but not limited to, small businesses that have experienced difficulty in obtaining conventional bank financing and/or that have been significantly impacted by the current pandemic crisis—in an effort to create new jobs and encourage new business start-ups and expansion in the City of Hamilton.

    For complete information about the rules and procedures of the Program, as well as, information about borrower eligibility, the loan application and approval process, and the terms and conditions applicable to loans issued in connection with the Program, please call the HEDC at (513) 844-1500/(513) 454-5066.

    The Hamilton Economic Development Corporation does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin or ethnic background. No person, solely on the basis of any of the above factors, shall be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or otherwise be subjected to discrimination in connection with the loans under this Program, or any other program or initiative offered by the HEDC.

    CORE Fund
    The CORE Fund provides financial resources for qualified residential and commercial real estate projects within Hamilton’s urban core.  By leveraging a multitude of financial tools into one powerful partnership, the CORE Fund is able to maximize results of strategic projects that will revitalize the city.  Established as a not-for-profit 501(c)(3), the CORE works with the City of Hamilton, the State of Ohio, and members of Hamilton’s corporate community to establish a model of excellence for Hamilton’s urban redevelopment.

    Downtown Special Improvement District (SID) Incentive Program
    The IMPROVE Program (Incentives to Maintain Proper Restoration Of Valuable Edifices)
    is a building assistance program to assist the SID's downtown building/business owners improve the exterior facades. Only building and/or business owners that are located within the Downtown Special Improvement District may apply for this program. 
    The approximate boundaries of the SID are High street on the north, Martin Luther King Boulevard on the east, Ludlow Avenue on the south, and Front Street on the west. 
    SID Program information and Application

    Additional Financing Programs
    The City of Hamilton has a variety of financial assistance programs to support the business looking to expand, relocate, or startup. These programs can also be used in addition to financial assistance and incentive programs available from the State of Ohio and the federal government. Additionally, Hamilton community partners offer a number of classes, seminars, programs, and workshops designed to develop and fine-tune business skills.
    For more details contact City of Hamilton, Ohio Economic Development 513-785-7070

    Alloy Development Co.
    This organization's mission is to help small businesses realize their development and expansion goals. They serve Southwest Ohio and offer SBA 504 financing. The purpose of the 504 loan program is to enable small businesses to finance up to 90% of fixed assets with 3 benefits: Low Down Payments, Long Terms, and Very Competitive Fixed Interest Rates.  For more information, visit Alloy Development Co. or (513)777-2225.

    Contact us to apply for a loan or with questions about any of these funding programs. 

    Funding is not guaranteed.
    Approval on individual basis.
    The funding options have various criteria for each program. 
    Do not disqualify yourself from any program until you contact us.

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