• The Citizen of the Year is a member of the Hamilton community who has left a special mark on the city in 2019 and has done so in a way that transcends his or her everyday job.  The contribution can represent a volunteer effort, a financial commitment, a significant achievement or a powerful idea that will make a positive difference in local quality of life. The winner will be honored by the Journal-News and the Greater Hamilton Chamber of Commerce at the Chamber's Annual Meeting on Friday, January 31, 2020.  

    The Citizen of the Year will be selected by a committee of representatives from the Journal-News and the Chamber of Commerce. A $1,000 donation will be made to a charity in the name of the recipient.  The committee's decision is based solely on the details provided in the nomination form. All nominations must be received by end of day Wednesday, December 4, 2019.

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  • Past Citizen of the Year Recipients include:

  • 2018 Pastor Shaquila Mathews
    2017 Jason and Tammy Snyder
    2016 Betty Taylor
    2015 Joe and Sarah Marcum
    2014 Steve Timmer

    2013 Cris Crowthers
    2012 Mike Dingeldein
    2011 Don Ryan
    2010 Bob Weigel
    2008 Tom Fritsch
    2007 Tim Nichting
    2006 Larry Bowling
    2005 Jim Blount
    2004 Bill Wilks
    2003 Frank Pfirman

    2002 Gerry Hammond

  • 2001 Ralph & Donna Carruthers
    2000 John & Shirley Moser
    1999 Reverend Bill Banks
    1998 Mike Cox
    1997 Chuck Thackara & Adeline Zoller
    1996 Henry Cepluch
    1995 Eva Lande
    1994 Sherry Corbett
    1993 Linda Good
    1992 Harry Wilks
    1991 Ray Nichting
    1990 Richard Fitton
    1989 James Brown
    1988 Jack Becker
    1987 Jackie Parrish

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