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  • Helping Business Grow and Assisting in Attraction of New Business
    The Greater Hamilton Chamber of Commerce of Hamilton, Ohio and our sister organization, the Hamilton Economic Development Corp., HEDC, are working hard to retain the businesses we have and to assist in the attraction of new business to our area.

    We partner with local and regional organizations including: City of Hamilton, Ohio; Butler County, Ohio and REDI Cincinnati.

    Resources for businesses starting, expanding or relocating in the area:
    City of Hamilton, Ohio Department of Economic Development
    Butler County, Ohio Economic Development Department


    Why Hamilton, Ohio?
    Hamilton has so much to offer to companies doing business here.  Find out more information about the area including utilities, demographics, major employers, taxes, incentives and business hubs.

    Business Incubator
    The purpose of a business incubator is to nurture young firms, helping them to survive and grow during the startup period when they are most vulnerable. 
    Hamilton's business incubator, The Hamilton Mill, is a mixed use business incubator with a technology focus. The Mill is a one stop Entrepreneur Center that assists small businesses by providing resources, shared services, business counseling, training, networking, conference and meeting rooms, technology, equipment and space for lease.

    Access Business Development & Finance, Inc.

    Butler County Economic Development

    City of Hamilton, Ohio Department of Economic Development 

    CORE Fund  

    Jobs Ohio

    REDI Cincinnati


    Greater Hamilton Chamber is now a "Clean Chamber"
    We are proud to be a local clean energy leader by participating in the clean energy information hub called Chambers for Innovation and Clean Energy. 
    Our goal is to help you, our member companies, navigate the clean energy space, share best practices, spur business innovation, and accelerate business competitiveness through clean energy through the Chambers for Innovation and Clean Energy (CICE).  CICE shares best practices in the clean energy space.  Our goal in participating in this new energy information hub is to help our member companies better navigate the clean energy space.
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