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  • Are there regulations that hinder you from growing your business? 

    Regulations help to promote fair competition and 
    protect public health and safety, but they should also 
    facilitate economic growth. Business leaders like you 
    know how outdated, duplicative, and burdensome 
    regulations can get in the way of creating jobs and 
    expanding opportunities for Ohioans.

    Ohio's Common Sense Initiative

    Who are we?
    Led by Lt. Governor Jon Husted, CSI reviews new and 
    existing state government regulations and evaluates 
    their impact on business growth and job creation. 
    Through this work, CSI gives businesses a voice and a 
    seat at the table when state agencies are considering 
    regulations that affect businesses and ensures that 
    the perspectives of Ohio’s job creators and economic 
    drivers remain a priority.

    How can we help you? 
    CSI’s mission is to make Ohio the most business and 
    job-friendly state in the Midwest by eliminating laws and 
    regulations that are frivolous, duplicative, or have not 
    caught up with the speed of business and technology.

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