• Hamilton Heritage Award

    2022 - Kristina Latta-Landefeld

    Kristina Latta-Landefeld was born and raised in eight neighborhoods within Toledo, Ohio. Through college and beyond, she lived in four states in the Northeastern United States. It wasn’t until a coaching opportunity of a lifetime presented itself, right as she was looking to move to Cincinnati, that she first stepped foot in Hamilton, Ohio. It was January 2016 and the Great Miami Rowing Center brought her to the city she now calls home.

    Her first volunteer gigs happened out of reciprocal support for other non-profits who championed the rowing club’s events, like the Dragon Boat Festival and Paddle at a Concert. She drew help from the community and in return, she helped with their efforts such as the Hamilton Central YMCA Board, Alive After 5, Fitton Center for Creative Arts’ Season Launch, and the Hamilton Joes.

    Kristina and her wife, Jennifer, decided to buy a house in Hamilton in 2017, about a month after she joined Envision Partnerships as the Healthy Hamilton Coalition Coordinator. She has since moved into the role of Chief Operating Officer with Envision.   

    It was when she decided to run for Hamilton City Council in 2021 that Kristina began to really learn about the multitude of resident-led organizations, like 17Strong! She soon observed that if there was an idea for how to make the city a better place to live, work, or play, there was likely already an individual or organization trying to make it happen.

    Although she did not win a seat on City Council, her willingness to get out there led to many invitations to get more involved with the City.  She accepted as many as possible and had to tell a couple to wait, but that she would help whenever she could. 

    Kristina is involved with several boards including the Hamilton Vision Commission, where she serves as incoming chair; 17Strong; Great Miami Rowing Center; Hamilton Tree Board; and the Rossville Historic District.  She is on the 17Strong Microgrants Subcommittee; City of Hamilton Ordinance Review Commission; and Hamilton, Ohio Pride Committee.  She is a volunteer coach for GMRC and volunteers at various community events like Operation Pumpkin and community trash pick-ups.  

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