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    Oh no! Irving, the Evil Ice King, has stolen Santa’s reindeer and won’t give them back unless you can help answer his 9 riddles, one for each reindeer! Can you help Santa solve them and free the reindeer in time for presents to be delivered on Christmas Eve? 

    Find the QR code for each riddle read by Santa located in the window of the 9 listed local businesses. Scan the QR code, listen to the riddle, write down the answer and then email all 9 answers to explorehamiltonoh@gmail.comPlease include the answers to the 9 riddles, your name and where you’re from and you’ll be entered into a drawing for 1 of 3 Holly Jolly Hamilton prize packs! You can get a second bonus entry to win prizes by sending in the bonus riddle answer from the 10th and final location. Hamilton’s Reindeer Game runs through January 1, 2024. Enjoy the Christmas puns, and be sure to share them with your family this holiday season! 


    Riddles will be posted in business windows on Friday, November 17th by 4:00pm!


    Riddle #1 – Alexander’s Market and Deli 

    Riddle #2 – Bourbon & Fire 

    Riddle #3 – Unsung Salvage 

    Riddle #4 – Scripted Studio 

    Riddle #5 – Local Boutique + Social House 

    Riddle #6 – Hamilton Historic Log Cabin 

    Riddle #7 – Made to Love 

    Riddle #8 – Sara’s House 

    Riddle #9 – Pinball Garage 

    Bonus Riddle – Tano Bistro 






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