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  • Oh no! Santa and his reindeer stopped in Hamilton to explore all the fun things there are to do, but the reindeer enjoyed it so much that they don’t want to leave, and Santa can’t find them. Can you help Santa find all 9 of his missing reindeer and help save Christmas? All the reindeer were last seen taking a group photo in front of the Alexander Hamilton Statue. Start there!


    Follow the clues to find the reindeer at the different locations and scan the QR code with the picture. At the end of the video message from Santa there will be a different letter to a secret code word. Find all 9 reindeer and collect 9 letters of the code word. Put all the letters together and email the secret code word to explorehamiltonoh@gmail.com. Please include your name, where you’re from and you'll be entered into a drawing for Holly Jolly Hamilton prizes. Hamilton's Reindeer Game runs through January 3, 2021.  Happy searching! 


    CLUE #1 Sweet Treats  Dasher is known to have a sweet tooth. He loves all kinds of cookies and pastries. Almond Twists are his most favorite. You can probably find him hanging out where he can pick up a tasty snack to go. 


    CLUE #2 – Art from the Heart  Dancer is a big fan of brightly colored art. He likes how it makes him feel Inside and Out. He certainly will be somewhere that he can pick up some wonderful pieces of art to share with his family for gifts. 


    CLUE #3  Cabin by the River  Prancer loves history. Especially from the pioneer days. He is fascinated by Hamilton’s long history dating back to the 1700s. If there is a log cabin anywhere around he’ll be there taking in all the history. 


    CLUE #4 – That Sweet Candle Smell  No one loves candles more than Vixen. All the wonderful smells, the glow of the light, and the warmth that radiates from a burning wick. Find the shop that lets you create your own candle smell. Vixen will be there. 


    CLUE #5 – A Not so Secret Store - Comet loves a fun boutique store. Especially one that hides a secret. The more clothing, jewelry, art supplies and furniture, the better. Comet can be found where you can find some not so shabby buys for everyone on his Christmas list. 


    CLUE #6  I Scream, You Scream  The only thing Cupid loves more than delivering presents to all the good children of the world is a big scoop of ice cream! Look for the nearest ice cream parlor around. It won’t take a village to find Cupid there. 


    CLUE #7 Record Scratch  Donner is all about rock and roll! And that sweet sound you can only get from a vinyl record. You can find Donner where he’ll be dancing to the tunes of the season. 


    CLUE #8  Made with a Purpose  Back across the bridge you will go to find Blitzen at a very special shop. He loves when everything made in a shop is done for the benefit of others. He can be located at a place that sells gifts that benefit people in another country.  


    CLUE #9 Glows (and flashes) like a lightbulb – Last, and certainly not least, is Rudolph. He loves it when his nose lights up and glows like a lightbulb. He also loves games of all types, especially pinball. He’d certainly be found somewhere with flashing lights and games to be played. 





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