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    Santa's reindeer are having so much fun in Hamilton that they don't want to leave. Santa needs your help in finding them. Can you help Santa solve the riddles the reindeer have left behind and find all 9 of them in time to save Christmas? All the reindeer were last seen making candles at Petals & Wicks on Main Street. That would be a great place to park near and start your search!


    Follow the clues to find the reindeer at the different locations and scan the QR code with the picture. At the end of the video message from Santa there will be a different letter to a magic code word. Find all 9 reindeer and collect 9 letters of the code word. Put all the letters together and email the magic code word to explorehamiltonoh@gmail.com. Please include the magic word, your name, and where you’re from and you'll be entered into a drawing for Holly Jolly Hamilton prizes! You can get a second bonus magic word for another entry to win prizes by finding Santa's secret elf hidden in another location given by Santa once you have completed finding all 9 reindeer. Hamilton's Reindeer Game runs through January 1, 2022.  Happy searching! 


    RIDDLE #1
    Dasher likes crepes and bubble tea,
    he shares it with his Mrs.
    You'll find him at a shop,
    that is also another name for kisses.

    Hint: seihcoomS


    Riddle #2
    Dancer loves a great burger,
    it gives him a great spark
    Look for him at a restaurant,
    who shares a name with a famous Hamilton landmark.

    Hint: sknaY ylliB


    RIDDLE #3
    Prancer loves to throw parties,
    with all sorts of fancy plates, bowls and bites
    You can find him at a shop,
    whose name means "a shared common delight".

    Hint: ooT, iT evoL eW


    RIDDLE #4
    Vixen is a fan of Christmas cards,
    the funnier the better
    You can find him looking at stationary,
    in a spot whose name sounds like a place to write a letter.

    Hint: oidutS detpircS


    RIDDLE #5
    Comet likes buying items for his home,
    so many knickknacks and items some one is selling
    You'll find him shopping at a place,
    whose name sounds like a country dwelling.

    Hint: emoH citsuR


    RIDDLE #6
    Cupid loves history,
    he wants the past to be heard.
    You'll find him looking at exhibits,
    in a place where we honored those who served.

    Hint: tnemunoM sreenoiP dna sroliaS sreidloS


    RIDDLE #7
    Donner has a sweet tooth,
    and he really loves things fresh baked.
    You'll find him munching down,
    on some amazing cupcakes.

    Hint: sekaC motsuC s'ekuL


    RIDDLE #8
    Blitzen likes to decorate his home,
    his selections do inspire.
    You'll find him looking over items,
    in a store whose name and sales are on "fire"
    Hint: sdooG eggyH erifdliW  


    RIDDLE #9
    Roses are red,
    and so is Rudolph's nose.
    When he wants a sandwich,
    to the deli named after the city, he goes.

    Hint: ileD & tekraM s'rednaxelA





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