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  • Oh no! Santa's elves are playing a prank on the big guy. They have taken some toys and are hiding with them in Hamilton. Santa needs your help in finding them. Can you help Santa solve the riddles the elves have left behind and find all 8 of them in time to save Christmas? The elves were last seen near the Alexander Hamilton sculpture on High Street. That would be a great place to park near and start your search!

    Follow the clues to find the elves at the different locations and scan the QR code with the picture. At the end of the video message from Santa there will be a different secret letter hidden within the names of the toys that spell out a magic code word. Find all 8 elves and collect 8 letters of the code word. Put all the letters together and email the magic code word to explorehamiltonoh@gmail.com. Please include the magic word, your name, and where you’re from and you'll be entered into a drawing for Holly Jolly Hamilton prizes! You can get a second bonus magic word for another entry to win prizes by finding Santa's secret elf hidden in another location given by Santa once you have completed finding all 8 elves. Hamilton's Reindeer Game runs through January 1, 2023.  Happy searching!


    RIDDLE #1

    Hermey loves hats and T-shirts,
    he loves to dress all pretty,
    You'll find him doing some shopping,
    in a store named after the City.
    Hint: nainotlimaH ehT

    RIDDLE #2

    Bernard loves handmade gifts from far off places,
    Especially ones that show some fashion,
    You'll find him hiding in a shop,
     whose name sounds like "created with passion".
    Hint: evoL ot edaM 


    Riddle #3

    Poly loves great food,
    She likes pub burgers and fries more than liver,
    You'll find her enjoying a meal in a restaurant,
    that has a great rooftop view of the river.
    Hint: draobterF 


    RIDDLE #4

    It's no surprise that Buddy loves toys,
    Playing with them brings him so much pleasure,
    He is hiding in a store,
    Who's name sounds like a place to find some hidden treasure.
    Hint: tsehC yoT s'revilO 


    RIDDLE #5

    Blinky and Twinky have a big sweet tooth,
    A place with treats is a dream,
    You'll find them hanging out in a store,
    where they can get some ice cream.
    Hint: rolraP egalliV 


    RIDDLE #6

    Willie loves T-shirts and records,
    and it's unique items that he craves,
    You'll find him hiding out in a shop,
    whose name means Uncelebrated Save.
    Hint: egavlaS gnusnU 

    RIDDLE #7

    Jingle and Jangle love all sorts of art,
    the more colorful the better it is to their eye,
    You'll find them in a studio, 
    where special artists make items you can buy.
    Hint: oidutS tuOedisnI 


    RIDDLE #8

    Patch loves delicious treats,
    especially ones that you bake,
    You'll find him hiding out,
    in a place with some amazing cakes!
    Hint: sekaC motsuC s'ekuL 







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