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    About Us

    When it comes to technology, DIY is hard! It's often confusing to figure out, rarely works right the first time, and doesn't want to *keep* working. Then you have to keep systems updated (but not too updated or it'll break too!), setup and babysit security tools and backups, and keep renewing services regularly. Who's got time to mind the store?

    Slingshot Solutions makes that technology work for your business! As your Outsourced IT Department, we just take care of it all, proactively keeping your systems running fast, reliably, and securely, so your staff can be productive and you can focus on moving the ball forward.

    ''Slingshot Solutions does an outstanding job servicing our server, network and DR needs (for many years)! Always proactive and quick to respond to any issues with people-friendly techs! I recommend the team to anyone!''
    Tim Amann | President, Advanced Facilities

    ''Slingshot’s expertise is second to none. Their service is always prompt, personal, and courteous and they go the extra mile for whatever we may need. I recommend all of their services, including Maintenance & Monitoring, which has decreased our emergency issues by 10-fold. They monitor your servers, desktops, or laptops before they shut you down, and usually your issue is fixed before you even know about it. We also use their MailControl Managed service which prevents most issues from even making it to your email in basket.
    Give Rob and his pros a call and see what they can do for you. Thanks to them we have a system that is second to none.''
    Willy Jennings | Director, Gateway Distribution


    Most of our work is hard to show off, but cabling is an easy one and paints a nice picture of the bigger improvements (& dig-out) that we do for most newer clients.    (Before you can run, you gotta tie your shoes. :)
    scene of clustered servers being setup in Slingshot's office
    a Johnny Jump-up enjoyed and shared by a friend of Slingshot
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